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  • Pradeep Swaminathan

  • Satya Prasad

Singers Pradeep Swaminathan.
Lyrics Avvaiyar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avvaiyar)
Music Composed Pradeep Swaminathan, NH, USA
Orchestration Satya Prasad, Chennai, India.
Mixing & Mastering Manoj Kumar, SoundTechMedia, Chennai, India
Produced and Marketed Sraavya Audio, Manchester, NH, USA


What is Vinayagar Agaval?


Vinayagar Agaval is one of the most powerful poems on Ganapathy, written in chase Tamil by Avvaiyar, the saint poetess of the Tamil Country who lived in the 9th century, propagating the fragrance of Tamil literature and also speaking about marlaity and spirituality.

In the 72-line poem, she describes Lord Vinayaga through which she expresses how to leash the enormous reserve of untapped potential within each of us – it is one of the rarest treasures left behind for all of us to enjoy and pass it on to the next generation.


Please click here to download the lyrics of the Vinayagar Agaval.


Musical Significance of the Song


The song is composed in nine ragas, signifying the navarasas (nine human emotions) of Vinayaga. The song starts in Kambodhi Raga, followed by Aabhogi, Gowri Manohari and Ramapriya.  The latter section of the song is tuned in Raga Bhairavi, followed by Hindolam and Shanmuga priya. The song ends in Revathi highlighting the highest spiritual state of Kundalini

 A mini symphony of percussion instruments is orchestrated towards the last section of the song depicting “Aananda Narthana” (joyous dancing) of Natya Ganapathy.

Meditate on Senthamiz Ganapathy


Senthamiz Ganapathy (A Meditational Song). Professor N R Krishanamurthy has praised Ganapathy in forty eight Syllables with words starting with Aa (Akaram), Oo (Okaram) and  Ma (Makaram) resonating the sound of OM.