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Sraavya Audio was founded by Pradeep Swaminathan in 2008. The objective and mission of the audio factory is to provide quality music… the music that blends into every one’s heart beyond caste, creed and religion. Each and every song that comes out of Sraavya Audio, is just not tuned to some lyrics, rather every musical syllable across all the tracks, have carefully been chosen and played to bring out the love, harmony and euphonious chime of the Almighty.


Sraavya Audio has released two musical albums. The first musical album, Vinayagar Agaval is on Lord Ganesha, tuned to a divine poem written by Avvaiyar in 9th century. The album was released on February 2008 in New Hampshire, USA. The second album is on on Goddess Shakti, the dynamic force that moves this universe. The album was released on August 14th 2011 in Chennai, India.

The upcoming project is a western classical fusion embedded with Indian Melody on Maha Avatar Babaji, a 2000 year old Yogi living in Himalayas


Every song will bless the listener with a profound divinity that is beyond human expression.




We are looking for talented Singers, Instrument Players and Lyricist (in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi), in North America for our upcoming music album, Tele Serial and Cinema projects. If you have the above said talents and would like to be a team player, please contact us at pradeep@sraavya-audio.com.